DUP Deputy Leader Nigel Dodds MP has said Sinn Fein turning up at Westminster for meetings today is nothing more than ‘stunt politics’.

Commenting further Mr Dodds said,
“Sinn Fein will turn up today at Westminster, do a couple of meetings, talk in front of the cameras and then disappear until they repeat the exercise in another couple of weeks. It’s a con job and a classic example of stunt politics.

If Sinn Fein MPs were truly passionate about Brexit, they would take their seats in the House of Commons and actually use their votes to influence the outcome.  Over 40% of the divisions on EU Withdrawal Bill had a majority of less than 20.

Meanwhile the MPs who take their seats will get on with the job of making a difference for Northern Ireland and being part of the decision making.  The contrast could not be more striking.

At a time when crucial decisions are being made for Northern Ireland and the whole of the UK, Sinn Fein continue to boycott not just Westminster but the Assembly and Executive also.

If they really cared or believed their own rhetoric they would end the boycotts but they are more interested in political stunts.

The delivery of an extra £1,000 million to Northern Ireland in recent weeks coming on top of the massive investment being delivered in our Confidence and Supply arrangement is testament to the work the DUP is doing at Westminster.

And on Brexit our voice and votes are counting whereas the boycotters render themselves increasingly isolated.

The efforts of certain parties today to use Brexit to undermine the Union must not succeed.
Their message is one which actually undermines the principles of successive agreements they purport to subscribe to.”


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