North Belfast DUP MP Nigel Dodds has condemned the planting of a viable explosive device, believed to have been an under-car bomb, discovered yesterday at Linden Gardens off Cliftonville Road, resulting in a security alert which is continuing this morning.

Mr Dodds said,
“It is outrageous that a viable explosive device, believed to have been an under-car bomb, has been discovered on the street in this quiet residential area.

Those responsible have shown their total disregard for the consequences of their evil actions, not just for their intended victim but for any passing member of the public who could have been maimed or killed had this device exploded. There could have been multiple casualties. Not only were local residents placed in the line of harm but so were those passing through the area and those making their way to nearby primary schools, shops and a playgroup.

Those responsible have demonstrated their utter contempt for the lives and wellbeing of local people. Suspicion will fall on the dissident republicans who have been responsible for previous terrorist attacks in this area. They will be condemned by all right-thinking people. They seek to perpetuate the failed tactics and misery of past terrorism. Such attacks are as wrong today as they were wrong in the past.

This device has resulted in huge disruption and inconvenience locally, with some residents evacuated from their homes overnight and traffic disruption continuing this morning. The security operation in the area is expected to continue until lunchtime today. Once again we are indebted to the PSNI and to the Army bomb disposal officers who carried out a controlled explosion in the process of making the device safe.

I urge anyone who can assist the police to identify those responsible and to bring them to justice to pass on whatever information they have. Thereby they may prevent future attacks from occurring and save members of the public from the risk of death or serious injury.”


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